What are Accelerators?

We offer a wide range of adaptations to improve your driving environment. These range from Push/Pull Brake/Accelerators.

We also fit Underwheel Electronic Accelerators.

The linear push motion toward the steering wheel of the Over Ring Accelerator and the pull motion toward the steering wheel of the Under Ring Accelerator allow for gradual acceleration.

Thanks to its positioning in the lower part of the steering wheel, access to the vehicle is not affected by this adaptation.

The innovative design and sleek design means that the adaptation blends seamlessly with the vehicle’s original interior.

The Over/Under Ring has been developed with the same care for the design as for the electronic control system, so retaining the original vehicle safety features (air bag, steering wheel settings, additional steering wheel controls).
The installation of the device is possible on different vehicles, thanks to its universal setting possibilities.

The electronic control unit (developed by the French company SOJADIS) is activated by a push button and has an interface for the different vehicles’ electrical components, keeping the original accelerator and Cruise Control working.

How do I get vehicle Accelerators?

Because of the range of options available it really is best to give us a call to so we can talk you through your options. We cover all of the North West and the Lake District areas and we can fit vehicle adaptations at dealership or location of customers choice.