What is a Boot Opener?

We offer a range of door/hatch openers which are perfect if you struggle to close the boot without assistance.

A Boot Opener, sometimes referred to as Tailgate Opener or Pneumatic Hatch Opener, is a device that assists in opening and closing the rear hatch of a vehicle.

A Rear Hatch Automatic Boot Opener converts a standard manual rear hatch into an automatic rear hatch.

A pneumatic hatch opener assists in opening and closing the rear hatch.  Operated by a switch or by a wireless remote control. This does not prevent the hatch from being opened or closed manually. Delivered complete with a universal bracket.

For vehicles without an electric hatch lock, the accessory hatch lock opener can be integrated into the system.

Quick facts:

  • Does not prevent manual use of the rear hatch
  • Suits almost all vehicles/applications
  • Small and flexible

Please contact Shane for more information.

How do I get a Boot Opener?

Because of the range of options available it really is best to give us a call to so we can talk you through your options. We cover all of the North West and the Lake District areas and we can fit vehicle adaptations at dealership or location of customers choice.