What are Protection Screens?

Providing Security and Peace of Mind for Professional Drivers.

Why driverSHIELDS? Because they are the best designed protection to give comfort to the driver who does not wish to be looking over his shoulder!

  •  Stylish, flexible and adaptable. Designed for protection and tested for safety. The most practical driver protection you can buy.
  •  Made from high impact-resistant PETg or polycarbonate plastic.
  •  Simple to install and with quick release fittings for easy transfer to another vehicle.
  •  The tough clear PETg /polycarbonate from which our shields are made has been tested for stabbing by knife and will absorb ‘hard body impact’ without breaking.
  •  The inertia resulting from a serious front impact on a vehicle could propel a rear seat occupant over the driver causing injury to both. The intervention of a shield would limit the effects of inertia containing the occupant in the rear compartment.

Patent no – GB19114454.3


The impact resistant plastic used in manufacture conforms to rigorous ISO / EU testing (manufacturer’s test schedule details available on request)

The Manufacture

The manufacturer of driverSHIELDS is accredited with ISO 9001 certification and maintains highest standards in all aspects of vacuum forming work.

Safety Testing

driverSHIELDS have been tested for passenger safety by MIRA a crash body testing organisation used by motor manufacturers. The test carried out was ECE 17 for seat mounted shields. The test certificate is available on request.


1. Quick release fittings

2. Smooth rounded edges to the plastic eliminating the need for reinforced rubber edging protection.

3. Stylish transparent cash trays incorporated for cab drivers.

4. Provision in design to allow for adjustment to accommodate curtain airbag deployment.

5. There are no screws or bolts into the fabric of the vehicle. All belts and fittings are on the inside of the shields with nothing visible which can be interfered with by rear seat passengers.

Patent no – GB19114454.3

How do I get Protection Screens?

Because of the range of options available it really is best to give us a call to so we can talk you through your options. We cover all of the North West and the Lake District areas and we can fit vehicle adaptations at dealership or location of customers choice.