What is a Steering Ball?

Whatever your disability, there is a car adaptation to suit you and your needs and among the range of options available are steering balls.  Almost all vehicles can be fitted with steering balls and adjusted and adapted to your disability, whether you have a 4×4, people carrier, hatchback, convertible or luxury car.

Steering Wheel Balls – What Are They?

Also known as spinners, steering wheel balls clip on to the steering wheel of a car and are designed to make turning the wheel easy for those who find it difficult to control a steering wheel or who have the use of only one hand. Steering balls and knobs have been around for about half a century and  can be permanent  or  removable. The removable devices are mounted on a bracket and can be easily and effortlessly removed using one hand, leaving the bracket fixed to the steering wheel.

Removable balls and knobs are ideal if your partner or other members of your family also want to be able drive the car. However, it’s important to remove such devices from the wheel when in use by someone else for safety reasons. Otherwise it may get in the way and cause a hazard.

Can They Be Fitted to Any Car?

Steering balls can be fitted to any car from family hatchbacks to more upmarket, luxurious models. As they are made from soft rubber they will not mark or scratch the steering wheel and they can be used without damaging the steering wheel in anyway. There are various manufacturers of balls and knobs including Brig-Ayd and Autochair Smart Ball, all offering different features including latex free and soft rubber options.

How Will I Know Where to Fit It?

The steering wheel balls can be fitted anywhere on the steering wheel, to the left or right hand side according to your preference. Our experienced engineers at can talk you through all the various options available to you and can fix the ball to the wheel for you.